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A web site, which is an organized collection of textual information, images, and computer programs, "lives" on something called a "web server" - sometimes referred to as a "web host" ... this is nothing more than a special computer that knows how to work with your web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Opera, to name a few) to properly display your web site. This web server can be anywhere in the world, and is generally operated by a company that specializes in providing this service for all sorts of customers – individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, local and regional governments, etc. There are several companies in our East Tennessee area that provide web hosting, and there are thousands of companies across the country that offer this type of service.

In general, the larger the web hosting provider (that is, the more customers that they serve), the lower their rates will be and the greater the scope of resources and services they will provide. Light Weaver does not directly offer web hosting services – that is, we do not operate our own web server computers. Rather, we buy our hosting services from several large national hosting companies and recommend those companies to our clients. After we discuss your web site objectives with you we will recommend a hosting account that best meets both the near-term and possible long-term operating requirements of your site. We will gladly guide you through the process of setting up the hosting account for your web site or we will take care of doing it for you (a credit card number will be required for us to do the hosting account set up for you). Of course, if you already know who you want to have as a hosting provider we will be delighted to implement your web site under your hosting account on their servers.
... We'll do all the work for you ...
For the all the hosting companies that we recommend, your payments to them will be billed to your credit card and will be made on either a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Hosting costs currently range from around $8/month – $17/month, dependent upon the number of resources (disk space, data transfer capacity, etc.) required. For the vast majority of new web sites, the lower cost web hosting services are quite adequate.

For your reference, below are a few of the hosting companies that we and our clients are currently using. Please don't be overwhelmed by what you've read on this page – we just want you to know what all the words mean, and to be generally informed. We'll do all the work for you ... establishing your hosting service, setting up your domain name and designing, deploying and managing your web site!





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