Web Site Design

Light Weaver provides a full range of web site creation and maintenance services. If you already know what you want your web site to be like, or have an existing business marketing image that you want replicated in your site, we can create your web presence "from scratch", developing the layout and all visual aspects in accordance with your exact specifications. If, on the other hand, you do not already have an overall appearance in mind for your site, we can offer you numerous layout and appearance options – all designed to reflect your business' or organization's services, products, or goals.

We try very hard to make your web site user-friendly, so that visitors will be able to easily find what you want them to focus on. We also test your site extensively on all major web browsers for both Windows and Mac platforms, to be certain that everyone can successfully access your site.

We have the expertise to develop all the server programs and data structures to provide any "behind-the -scenes" processes that are required to support your web site (e.g., data bases, secure/encrypted access and data storage, visit counters and reports, forums, etc.). All our work is done with the performance of your web site in mind. All programming, whether it pertains to the parts of your web site that run on a visitor's computer or the parts that run on the web host, is optimized so as to minimize the time that it takes your web site to appear in a visitor's web browser and the time that it takes for your web site to "react" to whatever actions a visitor takes (clicking a button, submitting a form, etc).

Following is a brief summary of the services you can expect when you select Light Weaver as your web site design partner. We genuinely enjoy building extraordinary web sites, and we look forward to creating yours!
    Summary of Web Design Services
  • Initial analysis of requirements and objectives;
  • Advice and assistance in selecting a web hosting provider and in acquiring a domain name;
  • Written description of site layout, indicating overall site structure and and showing the visual design;
  • Custom development of all graphical elements (buttons, logos, photos, animations, etc.);
  • Browser and server programming to support any required site functionality;
  • Creation of a complete pre-production review version of the site on Light Weaver's server;
  • Final publishing of the site (i.e., moving all of the components of the site to the client's Web space);
  • Advertising of a client's Web space  (e.g., listing with major search engines; an assessment of advertising used by the client's Web-based "competition"; recommendations as to "banner" advertising and non-electronic advertising);
  • On-going maintenance and management of the published site, including content updates, problem diagnosis and resolution, regular validity checking of all external links, and periodic recommendations as to improvements in the site's organization and/or visual makeup.

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