Web Site Costs

The cost that you will see for your new web site is comprised of three parts:

1.  The domain name – an annually recurring cost of from $6 - $15 (potentially, this is a zero cost item if the domain name fee is a part of your hosting account costs). This fee does not originate from us nor do we benefit in any way from it - you will pay it to the domain name registrar that administers your domain name.
2.  The hosting account – this recurring cost of from around $8 - $17 per month will be billed to your credit card on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This cost does not originate with us nor do we benefit in any way from it - you will pay it to your web hosting company.
3.  The web site design and deployment – This cost does originate with us. The cost of your new web could be as low as $350, and could be as much as several thousand dollars. If your site is fairly simple in that there are not many pages and you do not require a lot of specialized programming or graphic development (and you can provide your content – the text and images that you want on your site – to us in digital format), then we can probably complete your site in less than a week. If, on the other hand, your web site requires a great deal of server programming, data base creation, and/or graphic development, or simply has a large number of pages, the final price will be notably higher.

Before we start to do billable work on your web site we will give you a written outline of what we will be doing and, in most cases, a firm price for the specified work. For those clients who want to have extensive participation in the actual development of their web site, we provide a detailed site development guideline and work on an hourly basis at $35/hour. We generally require an initial non-refundable payment of 25-50% of the quoted price, with the balance being due and payable upon our deployment of your web site to your web hosting space.

We customarily offer discounts to churches and other non-profit organizations.


For those client who want to have our "Do-It-Yourself" page/site editor installed on their site, the charges are:

  1)  an initial one-time setup charge of $150, which includes the installation of the editor on the first page.
  2)  a one-time fee of $35-$70 for each additional page in which the editor is installed.

Web Site Management

An optional fourth cost that that you might want to consider is that of web site management or maintenance. We will gladly perform maintenance work on your site on a per-incident basis at a billout rate of $35/hour, with a one hour minimum charged per incident. However, in the experience of most of our clients, it is far more economical to have a pre-paid annual management contract, which addresses all operational aspects of your web site. We offer the following standard pre-paid annual management options, and will gladly tailor a management package that matches your site's unique requirements. All management options cover twelve months and have no per-incident minimum time expenditure, with any unused time expiring at the conclusion of each twelve month period.

Option 1 – $166.25/year   Up to five (5) hours of comprehensive web site management
Option 2 – $315.00/year   Up to ten (10) hours of comprehensive web site management
Option 3 – $446.25/year   Up to fifteen (15) hours of comprehensive web site management
Option 4 – $777.00/year   Up to thirty (30) hours of comprehensive web site management

If you have a management agreement with us and discover that you are running out of hours before the end of your 12-month agreement period, and would rather not have to pay for additional management services on a per-incident basis, then you can simply upgrade to an option that provides more hours. The upgrade cost is simply the difference between the cost of your current option and the cost of the one to which you are upgrading. Such a plan upgrade would result in your having additional management hours equal to the difference in coverage of the two plans. For example, if you have Option 1 management and want to upgrade to Option 2, then your upgrade cost would be $148.75, and you would get an additional five hours of management coverage for the duration of the original Option 1 management period.

Web Site Training

If you request it, we will provide on-site training for you an/or your staff on any aspects of your web site. The cost of this training is $35/hour; travel time from Light Weaver's office in Kingston, TN to your location is also billed at $35/hour with a $15 minimum charge.

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